Welcome to AoPong Resort

Koh Mak Island

Quiet place of the private beach

AoPong Resort is advertised as a quiet place on the private. It is due to its character and secluded location. However there are no private beaches in Thailand (unless the whole island is private) you can feel like you are in the private place. You can enjoy sunrise in the morning and moon rise in the night (if you are here in the right time of the month). Due to the coarse quality of the sand on the beach sandflies don't like to stay here and will not bother you. AoPong beach is also the place where you can watch many hermit crabs walking on the sand in the night. When swimming you have to be careful getting into the water because there are some sharp, volcanic rocks around. Water shoes or fins are advised. There is a lot of natural shadow on the beach from trees and coconut palms. All bungalows are located on the hill and are facing the sea. Even though most of bungalows are equipped with AC, quite often you don't need it due to a nice breeze from the sea. In the clear day you can see cardamom mountains in Cambodia from the beach. The place is quiet not only due to its location but also because the restaurant is open till 8pm only. The bar is closed at 10pm. No noisy parties and laud music so all guests can enjoy the silence of the nigh time.