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Koh Mak Island

Koh Mak neighboring islands

6 islands lie offshore from Koh Mak – Koh Rayang Nok, its adjoining sister Koh Rayang Noi, tiny Koh Pi, Koh Kham and Koh Kradad.

Koh Rayang Nok is situated next to Koh Rayang Noi, opposite from Ao Kao beach at Koh Mak. The island measures about 400 meters from north to south and approximately 200 meters from east to west. It is a hilly island so you can only walk on the flat northern area where the main beach is located. A small secluded sandy beach, accessible by boat, is located in the middle of the east coast.

North-east from both island is located uninhabited Koh Pi. The island is surrounded by coral reef and is a great spot for snorkeling.

About 1 km north from Koh Pi you can see Koh Kham. It is a small island located next to Koh Mak and it is the only one comprised of volcanic rock among all the small islands in this area. It has white delicate sand and it is considered as “the heritage of Trat”, which comes from the beauty of the clear seawater. The island has 300 meters of coast on the east side and south side, whilst the other side is mountains and cliffs. The beach on the east side is the most outstanding since the sand is very white and black volcanic boulders litter the shore. When the water level reduces, there is a beautiful white sandy ridge separating the sea. Koh Kham has an unfinished luxury resort. 

  Moving about 3 km north –east from Koh Kham you will arrive to Koh Kradad. The island has basic accommodation used by Thai weekenders. Most of the island is so flat that it looks just like a floating sheet of paper in the sea. This is the origin of the name “Kradad (paper in the Thai language). You can travel around Kradad within 2-3 hours and spend some time watching flocks of deer and relaxing on beautiful beaches.   

There are various entrance fees at Koh Kham, Koh Rayang Nok and Koh Kradad and they can be visited with by different boat trips.